Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

(No Courses Currently Scheduled) Details on the EMR Course Include:

The EMR Course is a 50-hour course (12 weeks) that prepares the learner for basic emergency pre-hospital care. 

Content of the course includes: EMS System, Well-Being, Legal Issues, Communication, Lifting and Moving, Airway Management, Medical and Trauma Emergencies, Childbirth, Infants and Children, and Disaster Response.  To successfully complete the EMR course the student must attain CPR certification, maintain 90% attendance, a course grade above 80%, and pass local hands-on testing.

The EMR is a great course in studying to become an EMT!
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EMS Education

  • As of late 2022 the NREMT has now allowed up to 100% of the total hours to be obtained through distributive (online) education.

The Oakes Volunteer Ambulance Service is currently recruiting caring and compassionate volunteers to join our team. We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help those in need at a time of sickness or injury. 

Distributive Education

Distributive education is defined by the continuing Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) (formerly CECBEMS) as “…an educational activity in which the learner, the instructor, and the educational materials are not all present at the same time, and students and instructors are not able to interact in real time. CE activities that are offered online, via CD-ROM or video, or through reading journal articles or listening to audio tapes are usually considered by CAPCE (formerly CECBEMS) as distributed learning” (CECBEMS, 2015). CECBEMS uses the F3 designation for distributive education. Other CAPCE designations F1 (one-time events), F2 (multiple-event activities), and F5 (Virtual Instructor Led Training-VILT) are not classified as distributive education.

To be used effectively, these programs must be developed by credible sources, be medically accurate and educationally sound. These programs should be accredited by state, CAPCE, or other accrediting bodies and include some form of outcome measurement.
For more information about CAPCE or to view the list of sites that offer online education click here

National Registry Continued Competency Hour Requirements

Provider LevelNCCRLCCRICCRTotal Hours
EMT20 Hours10 Hours10 Hours40 Hours
AEMT25 hours
12.5 hours
12.5 hours
50 hours
30 hours
15 hours
15 hours
60 hours
North Dakota EMR
8 hour
4 hours
4 hours
16 hours

Other EMS Education Offered by Oakes Ambulance

Enhanced Education Available for Current EMT's Include: 

Limited Advanced Airway   |    Nebulized Medications    |      IV Maintenance

Other Education Available from our Paramedic Educators Include:

Glucose monitoring     |     STEMI training      |      LUCAS training     |      Narcan training     |      Emergency driving

The Oakes Ambulance also Offers Education Directed to Meet the new National Continued Competency Requirements (NCCR) and the Subject Matter Covers the Following Categories:

Airway, Respiration & Ventilation     |     Cardiovascular      |      Trauma     |     Medical     |      Operations

Please contact us for other education needs.

​​​​​Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

The 2023-2024 course started on September 7th.  The next course will begin in September 2024.   

Course Registration Document

EMT Course Information Flyer

Details on the EMT Course Includes:

The EMT Course is a 150-hour course that educates the EMT to provide out-of-hospital emergency care or Basic Life Support (BLS).  You will learn how to assess a patient for injury or illness, administer CPR, control bleeding, maintaining airway patency, administer a limited number of medications, and prevent shock.  You will be able to respond to respiratory, cardiac, and trauma emergencies.  The course will cover anatomy, physiology, fractures and dislocations, childbirth, pediatric emergency care, applying splints and bandages, and moving and transporting patients.  Once you become an EMT, you can consider advancing to the other levels of EMS including Advanced EMT and Paramedic. 

As an EMT you will provide immediate medical care for people with a sudden injury or illness. Family, friends, and neighbors will appreciate knowing they can count on people like you to help them in their greatest time of need.

To successfully complete the EMT course the student must attain CPR certification, maintain 90% attendance, a course grade above 80%, and pass a state administered hands-on exam and national registry computer adaptive test (NREMT CAT exam).


  • Dedicated, Self-Disciplined, Work Independently, Punctual, and Driven to Succeed are all necessary qualities for a FUTURE EMT!
  • 16 Years of Age
  • CPR is not required, as you will attain CPR certification at the BLS Provider level in the course.
  • Please view the Oakes Ambulance Education Handbook for additional requirements.
  • Complete and return the EMT course registration document

Important Details and Dates:

Course Start Date:  Thursday, September 7th at 7:30pm

NREMT CAT Exam: April 2024  (schedule the exam over this week long period)
Local Practical Exam: April 2024
Classroom: Meet one weeknight each week over Zoom from 6:30pm-10pm  (class night determined at the first session)
Hands-On: Meet once each month in Oakes from 6:30pm-10pm
Division Exams: Done online over a 5 day testing window
Final Exam: Fisdap final prior to April 15, 2024

To learn more about the EMT and various levels of National Registry certification visit the NREMT website.
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